We're Bacon.
We add flavour to existing

We create innovative applications and solutions in which
human and digital processes enhance each other.

What we do.

The last decade has seen lots of technological developments.
This changes the way we look at businesses and how we interpret problems and create solutions to solve them. Wireless internet, smartphones, tablets, increased automation and high performance IT are a few examples of the technologies that surround us more and more.

Bacon interprets and uses these (and upcoming) technical developments to create innovative digital applications that are just a step ahead.

Our recipe

Our disciplines

Concept strategy
We create a persuasive concept strategy from your insights as well as from user insights and define strategies that will enhance your business.

Immersive computing
We let the real world and the digital world come together to get the best of both. Our applications process the user input to a provide dynamic, real-time response, anywhere and anytime. The world at your fingertips.

Design works best when it gets out of the user's way. We translate complex processes to user friendly digital solutions. Rocket science made easy.

It's rocket science!
Only we make it look easy.

How does it work? The basics...

All our solutions can be used on different devices and in different user environments.
Depending on the demand.

In for a bite?

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